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Crochet Conscupiscience - 4 Ways Crochet Helped Me Through Depression.

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In an interview awhile back with Sylvia Browder I was able to answer the question about how crochet helped me through depression in a short form that I hope people will understand even if they don’t crochet.

Here’s what I said:

“I experienced many benefits from the craft including:

  • The repetition of it releases serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant.
  • The craft is calming so it reduces the anxiety associated with depression. My anxiety was terrible so this was really helpful for me.
  • Creating beautiful things by hand and developing new skill helps build self-esteem, something frequently lost in depression.
  • Crafting for others helps you feel productive even if depression makes it hard to get out of bed some days. I hate feeling unproductive so it was wonderful for me to feel like I was doing something again!

Many of the benefits of the craft can be found through other crafts, too, including writing!”

You can learn more about the book if you read my whole interview with awesome businesswoman Sylvia Browder or get the full story about how Crochet Saved My Life by purchasing the book 4 Ways Crochet Helped Me Through Depression.

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Denise Briese said...

It is so true. Purchased the book have not read. I had a daughter raped and when through a 3 year trial during this time I crocheted a lot. I cried a lot but crochted a lot. Recently she did not recover from this rape and has been a homeless drug addict for a few years. Mind you she is only 22! There are days that I don't know how to go on..I have many horrors I face..I dont sleep well but I always have my hook..It is a true statement it has been my rock.. my comfort through everything even more than therapy and family. Thanks for a great post